If You Haven't Heard Last Week's FAKE GEEK BOIZ, Get On It

If You Haven't Heard Last Week's FAKE GEEK BOIZ, Get On It

Terry made a vow, and he's here with a mea culpa.

Hey everybody! We may not have posted any new eps of Fake Geek Boiz. They've been consistently coming out too, making me quite the vowbreaker. I'm here to rectify this injustice.

Below you'll find embeds for the hilarious fifth and sixth episodes of the pod with Josh and Ryan. We'll be back again this week when their new one goes up, as well. And Finickal will be on schedule once more!

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Josh's dear ol' Poppa swings by the Dantkum Danktorum for a chat about Josh's filthy little potty mouth on the pod. Ryan then swings in to chat about S7E02 of "Game of Thrones," and how the show's same old tricks may not work as well with boring characters. Then, they dive into their favorite news items and trailers from San Diego Comic-Con while they hype up "Loot Crate: The Movie," the new joint from Steven Spielberg.


After performing in a PSA directed by mumblecore-God Joe Swanberg, Ryan and Josh discuss a promise they made when they started the pod. Then, they offer their opinions on the long-awaited third season of "Rick & Morty" and wrap it all up with some "Game of Thrones" talk. Unlike that show, this pod doesn't move too quickly.

Terry Erickson is a screenwriter, lifelong film fan, and all around good guy based in Baltimore, MD. He's driven across America twice, is obsessed with Back To The Future, and loves almost everybody.