Introducing Finickal's Podcast: FAKE GEEK BOIZ

Introducing Finickal's Podcast: FAKE GEEK BOIZ

That's right. We in it now.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hey all, Terry here for a quick blip. We've been away for a bit working on a couple of things on and off the site. This podcast is the first of many new things you'll hopefully be seeing in the coming weeks. Josh and Ryan are funny, FUNNY dudes, and I think you'll be adding this pod to your subscription list by the end of it. And I'm gonna probably be guesting on it here real soon.

Hello Finickalicians, I'm Josh Conner, and with my buddy Ryan Fraer here, we're the Fake Geek Boiz. We've been at this grind about a year now, and we're overjoyed to have some real estate here at Finickal.

True Terry Erickson-heads and Conner Nation members will remember a little 8-episode shitshow from a few years back titled Dorkness on the Edge of Town, on which Ryan was a guest. That germ never quite got expunged from my brain, and here I am today, launching a new day for the Geek Boiz.

This week, we've got 3 episodes for ya (one today, and two more dropping later this week), loaded with our takes on movies, TV, and the general state of our nation. We hope we make you laugh, or at the very least click through to our eventual sponsors. If you're following us over from our old show, bless you and thank you, members of Benoist Nation. We won't let you down, unless you don't like hearing grown men marvel over Tyler Hoechlin's curves, in which case, best not to get your hopes up.

You can get at the first episode here below, or hit up iTunes!

Joshua Conner is a part-time goof and a full-time visionary educational leader. He lives in Baltimore with his wife and dumb, handsome cats. He has not made it all the way through Blade Runner and knows every word to the Walk Hard soundtrack.