First things first. Have you seen Wonder Woman? If yes, how amazing is it? If no, go see it right now. Now, for the gaming news.


Star Trek Bridge Crew Releases to Mostly Positive Reviews

As someone who’s excited by the amazing immersive potential of VR, it’s great to see games like this and Farpoint finally going beyond a tech demo and providing new gaming experiences. Who hasn’t wanted to control their own starship and go where no one has gone before? Now, if someone could just give me a few hundred dollars so I can play the game for myself…


Sonic Mania Releases on August 15th for $20 (Digitally)

Unlike other gaming companies (*cough* Nintendo *cough*), SEGA knows how to treat their fans. Not only do they actively encourage fan art and fan games, they hired Sonic fans to make an official Sonic title with Sonic Mania. Embracing the classic 2D level design of the hedgehog’s heyday, the Sonic Mania team are delivering fun platforming at a fair price. I think that the calculated use of nostalgia combined with an extremely reasonable price tag will be a recipe for success. For the more diehard Sonic fans, there’s also a collector’s edition available for $69.99 that includes a physical copy.


Mount & Blade II Details Released

Five years is a long time to wait, but we’ve finally received some info on the upcoming Mount & Blade sequel, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Of course, we can’t wait to hack and slash our way across Calradia, but it looks like the TaleWorlds Entertainment are offering players more options than ever. If combat isn’t your thing, you can always become a merchant and build your empire that way. Whatever your playstyle preference, Mount & Blade II is shaping up to be another huge hit.


PS3 Production Ends

Farewell, sweet prince. You introduced me to a whole new world of gaming with titles like Uncharted 2, Flower, and The Last of Us. Others might have scoffed at your strange cell processor, but that didn’t stop you from selling 80 million copies.

Scrooge McDuck Diving Into Gold

Still waiting on that single-player DLC for GTA V, Rockstar.

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