Idris Elba's "ALL IN": New The Dark Tower Trailer!

Idris Elba's "ALL IN": New The Dark Tower Trailer!

The first full trailer for the highly anticipated Stephen King adaptation was released early Wednesday morning.

Idris Elba gives us the impression he's "all in", delivering tantalizing gunplay and not-so-cryptic warnings about The Dark Tower while Matthew McConaughey looks delightfully comfortable as the enigmatic Man in Black.

The trailer is jam-packed with exciting action, big budget set pieces, and plot points.

Lots. Of. Plot. Points.

Every snippet of dialogue reveals more story information, I hear complaints about this type of trailer all the time. Why not just rely on the fire-hot neutron Star Power of Idris Elba, Stephen King, and an irresistibly sexy Evil McConaughey? It's because Sony thinks you're dumb.

Trailers need to show a lot more and say a lot less, I was blown away by the new Star Wars trailers for this very reason. They're edited in a way that allows them to share the film's atmosphere without revealing too much story.

It could be argued that since Star Wars is a well established movie franchise that they can take those risks, and I could agree, but that doesn't make The Dark Tower trailer any better. It holds your hand the whole way through the narrative, something I doubt a Gunslinger would ever do.

The Dark Tower is set to release August 4th, 2017.

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