Like Everyone Else, Keanu Wants More BILL AND TED

Like Everyone Else, Keanu Wants More BILL AND TED

This video will make your morning.

A couple nights ago, Keanu Reeves went on The Graham Norton Show to promote John Wick: Chapter 2 (which, if you haven't seen yet, leave work and go right now), and this wonderful clip has started making the rounds online. Norton is a delightful host, and as other YouTube clips will point out, he has an excellent knack for disarming his guests and making sure everybody has a good time. Jimmy Fallon could take some notes.**

Norton inquires about the prospects and likelihood of a third Bill And Ted film, and Keanu reveals way more than we expected about the project, before making us all spit out our drinks. I'll just let you watch it.

Excellent. Also Jamie Dornan seems super fucking creepy, right?

**This Has Been Finickal's first instance of what we like to call FallonShade. We look forward to finding any and every opportunity for more.

Terry Erickson is a screenwriter, lifelong film fan, and all around good guy based in Baltimore, MD. He's driven across America twice, is obsessed with Back To The Future, and loves almost everybody.