A love letter to Bachelor Nation

A special Valentine's Day message.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to fall in love. All I want right now is to be writing this letter to you while drinking The Final Rose’, but alas, the Bachelor wine collection is not yet available in Canada.

To my beautiful Bachelor Nation, last night I think we were all grateful when Chris showed up in St. Thomas. We never see him anymore. As they sat on that turned over boat in the sand, he wished Nick good luck with the final women. As this his 4th quest for love, we’ve all been on this journey for awhile.

I love you Bachelor Nation because when I’m in a grocery store,  where I would typically never engage in conversation with a stranger, there we all are after noticing the same Bachelor themed magazine cover, discussing how Rachel is going to be the first black Bachlorette and she hasn’t even been sent home this season.

I love that we have a soft spot for ‘The Twins’, that Carly and Evan found each other in paradise, and that Trista and Ryan are still together.

The other day someone told me that they Instagram spiraled and ended up deep into Ali’s account. Let’s be serious, we follow them all.

Bachelor Nation, you’re not alone. “Ees okay!” We love the drama, the villains, the competition, the roses, the hometowns, Ashley’s tears, the romance, and all the fun pretend careers.

We bond over the proposals, we cringe over Chad and feminism fails, and I wish nothing more for us to all one day be handed a drink made by Jorgé. While we wait, we’re back every Monday, the best start to week.

So whether you are re-watching Jade and Tanner’s wedding from last year,  having a bath and reading,’ The Perfect Letter’,  eating cheesy pasta, listening to, ‘Here to Make Friends’, or forgetting about the rose ceremony and heading off to a beautiful island,  Happy Valentine’s Bachelor Nation. I love you.

Annamaija Irvine loves tea and animals. She wishes life was a Nora Ephron movie and would live in New York, Paris, Disneyland, and Vancouver if that was possible.