Santa Clarita Diet Recipes

Andrew scrutinizes the components of the new Netflix horror gem.


1 Netflix

1 Drew Barrymore

1 Ready To Play Timothy Olyphant

2 cups Serbian folklore

Liberal scoops of Sex, blood, violence

Undead Boners



Take a prominent actress from the 90s. Add a dash of medieval, Serbian zombie disease, sex with the guy from Justified, and a pinch of comedy.

Stir in blood and guts, liberally.

Place in a quiet suburban community between two cops.


Santa Clarita Diet answers the question everyone asks: What would you do if a family member turned into an undead, belligerent, and wild killing machine?  Drew Barrymore literally slays as the centerpiece of this fascinating twist on the suburban family. The return of the starlet is welcome and soon her classic charm shines through as her character becomes more detached, lustful, and most disturbingly, hungry.

Shot with the Netflix model in mind, each episode runs into the next with cliffhangers sure to make even the most disciplined sleeper stay way up past bedtime.

The series hinges on the discovery of ancient Serbian relics and a tale from the dark ages in an investigation headed up by the husband, played by Timothy Olyphant. Normally type-cast as an alpha-male, it’s a pleasure to see the actor portray a submissive, neurotic character, hastily trying to cover up any messes the missus might make. He also smokes a lot of pot.

While being reminiscent of shows like Weeds (chaos in the suburbs), Santa Clarita Diet makes its own bloody mark by being decidedly gory. It takes some time getting used to seeing the star from Home Fries and Ever After chomping on ultra realistic severed limbs, yet that might be part of the initial draw of the series.

As far as real laughs go, they are few and far in between, however the mystery of Barrymore’s illness and the absurdity of the situations encountered by Drew en crew tend to be very amusing. Santa Clarita Diet is a fun watch and easily bingeable thanks to the Netflix model and great if you’re in the mood for something light with a little spice and a red-plasma demi-glace.

Andrew M. Bullis is a screenwriter, television addict, and self proclaimed Huguenot from Vancouver, BC. He's a Sopranos-watching, poutine-eating, lumber-toting, Canadian stereotype with ties to the Illuminati.