The FAKE GEEK BOIZ Give Belated Thanks

Today, Josh and Ryan give their Dankful Thankfuls.

The site's been adjusting to some contributor rotations and real life distractions, but the year is almost over and we're still here!

A personal thanks to Josh and Ryan, who since joining Finickal, have been consistently giving us quality pods that I'm very honored to be slinging out.

If you're an iTunes subscriber, you probably noticed they've put out two eps prior to this one, which I'll embed below! That's a genuine my bad. I was stupidly on vacation, and these guys also stupidly continued to work.

So, first the new one - Episode 18: PIANO MEN

The Boiz finally sit down with their hero, Billy Joel, to talk about his process, ABC's Netflix's Disney's Marvel's The Punisher, ABC's Hulu's Disney's Marvel's Runaways and their 2017 DANKFUL THANKFULS: pop culture they couldn't otherwise chat about on the show.

Ryan's Dankful Thankfuls:

  1. The McElroy Ouevre
  2. The Good Place
  3. Disney's Pixar's "Coco"

Josh's Dankful Thankfuls:

  1. "A Deeper Understanding" by The War on Drugs
  2. Cum Town podcast
  3. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

And now for the catch up! Here's the FGB debate of the year over Thor: Ragnarok!

And here's a much more agreeable episode where the boys discuss what went wrong with WB's Justice League!

As for my thoughts on the topics discussed here: I agree with Josh in that Thor: Ragnarok is overhyped as hell, and that Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri is the film of the year. I also see eye to eye with Ryan on Coco - it is also a good time at the movies! But, Justice League wasn't that awful.


Okay, but maybe it was.

Terry Erickson is a screenwriter, lifelong film fan, and all around good guy based in Baltimore, MD. He's driven across America twice, is obsessed with Back To The Future, and loves almost everybody.