And the boiz have a special request.

Before I embed the new (and hilarious) episode below, I wanted to take a minute to point to Josh and Ryan's Extra Life page.

The Fake Geek Boiz have the modest goal of raising five hundred dollars for Johns Hopkins (specifically their children's hospital). Extra Life is an annual charity event where, instead of running 28.6 miles, they marathon video games for 24 hours. And as Josh points out in this week's episode, there isn't very much sacrifice in that. So, they're going to marathon one of the worst games of our generation - X-MEN DESTINY.

So everybody, if you have even a dollar to give, head on over to their Extra Life page and give what you can. It's truly for a good cause.

Anyway, here's this week's episode: SCHEHUAGAR SAUCEAGON

An angry young man frequents a McDonald's for a little bit of human contact. Then, Ryan and Josh break down new X-Men series "The Gifted," the "Justice League" trailer, and Disney's ABC's Marvel's SCOTT BUCK'S "INHUMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS" KNUCK IF YOU BUCK FAM KNUCK IF YOU BUCK SCOTAGAR BUCKAGON

Terry Erickson is a screenwriter, lifelong film fan, and all around good guy based in Baltimore, MD. He's driven across America twice, is obsessed with Back To The Future, and loves almost everybody.